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Hiking and Photography

February 2nd, 2015

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This site Combines my two loves: hiking and photography! This blog will give you updates on some of the hikes I have recently tried as well as tips on hiking this area or sights I have seen.

Photographing Water

July 23rd, 2014

Photographing Water

In order to get good water "blur" you need to achieve a slow shutter. There are a few things you need to know in order to achieve good effects. First off you need to have a tripod! This is essential as a slow shutter needs stability. Secondly in order to get a good water "blur" you want to shoot in even light conditions and preferably in low light or shady conditions. I also always use a polarizer to bring out good colors and clarity in parts of the water. To further increase the shutter speed you can also use a neutral density filter, a low ISO, and a higher aperture (F-stop). Remember that water is often brighter than the surrounding areas so meter off the water, so you don't "blow" it out. If needed you can bracket the shot to decrease the shadows in the area around the water. When you bracket you take 3 or more photos at different exposures to include more information in the highlights and shadows.

When shooting water, look for creative ways to improve your shots. Include objects in the foreground, color, or leading lines to give your photo a unique look.

Water shots

July 16th, 2014

Water shots

This was taken in the early morning at Queen Creek in Superior, Arizona. Polarizer was used at F-20 with a 4 second exposure.